lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Must have

This is one of my favourite bags because it's so classic that goes just fine with almost everything.

Este es uno de mis bolsos favoritos puesto que es un clásico que va bien con casi todo.

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shenai dijo...

stunning. you cant ever go wrong with chanel!

Allure de Croisière dijo...

Hey,thank you for the sweet comment!
I`m sure that your blog is going to be one of the top!Very fresh and stylish!XXX
p.s. cant wait to see more : )

teriadora dijo...

it's true, those classy chanel bags go with everything.
i'd nearly kill to get my hands on one of those.
besides, thanks for your comment, your blog is so inspiring.

SLF dijo...

this bag is just gorgeous! love it!!

Elegance Personified dijo...

Gorgeous, classy & classic bag. A Must-Have Piece. I need to get my hands in a nice quilted Chanel Bag (either black, white or ivory.) They sure go with anything & everything and I love the long shoulder strap. Your summery jumpsuit is lovely. I love what you did to your hair, too.

XOXO <3 Ada.

Elena dijo...


Elena from


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