viernes, 3 de septiembre de 2010

I am so classic that it hurts!

I am still sick and It's horrible…! I want to feel good and I want it now! and as if this wasn't enough something incredible happend to me this afternoon. I am going to tell you but you must promise me that it stays here. Pinky swear? Ok, today when I was coming back home from doing some shopping and felling just like Carrie, I fell from 12 centimeters! … Yes, yes direct to the ground. A total shame! I fell like a domino, because it was not at once but it was falling little by little. It wanted earth to swallowed me, nevertheless I put my self up and I continued walking as if nothing had happen. Hahah, I felt so stupid! Obviously those who were present at this event came running to see me and the unique thing that I was wishing was to disappear. Anyways, the worst thing was that the blow I had it was because I was watching a watch! it could not be of another way. Well, I hope that you guys begin well this weekend and that many magical things happen to you! Thanks for visiting! Love,

Sigo enferma y es horrible... quiero ponerme bien ya! y como si esto no fuese suficiente hoy me pasó algo increíble. Les voy a contar algo pero me tienen que prometer que queda entre nosotros. Lo juran? Ok, resulta que hoy mientras volvía a casa de hacer unas compras y me sentía en un momento muy Carrie, caí desde 12 centímetros!!! Sí, sí... directo al suelo. Una vergüenza total! Caí cual dominó porque no fue directo sino que fui cayendo poco a poco. Quería que me tragara la tierra, sin embargo me levanté y seguí caminando como si nada.Hahah, me sentí tan estúpida. Pero claro, aquellos que presenciaron dicho suceso vinieron corriendo a verme y lo único que deseaba era desaparecer. En fin, esto queda aquí, se los cuento porque me causó mucha gracia. Lo peor de todo es que el golpe me lo di por mirar un reloj! no podía ser de otra manera. Bueo, espero que comiencen bien este fin de semana y que les sucedan muchas cosas mágicas! Gracias por visitar! 



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Collette Osuna dijo...

Awww..Im so sorry you fell:(
I fell getting OUT of my car once, wasnt too pretty....These photos are fab though...LOVE the bag and shoes!!!

Hope your weekend gets better now!

Lori dijo...

aww i hope you feel better! and don't worry i fall down all the time ;)

i love the outfit, every london-esque :)

...look closer

Ashley dijo...

I hope you feel better! And I've definitely been there, falling down in front of people, and the worst part is all of them asking if you're ok - I just want to cry from embarrassment! But you look absolutely fab in these pics! :)


Emilie dijo...

Darling I hope you feel better now!! And the falling thing: everyone has that (I can tell you some stories haha). Love the outfit, you always look so great!!


Joy Chou dijo...

Haha. Ouch... at least you didn't break anything. A couple years ago I fell up the stairs at the library and shattered my front tooth, then had to run through the common area to the nearest bathroom with a huge swollen lip and blood dripping everywhere!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

APieceOfCrap dijo...

really nice post!

Take a peek! our first blog.

best regards from Sweden :)

fledgling dijo...

classic is good! i love this look!

maxwell conrad

Allure de Croisière dijo...

Very nice outfit,my dear! You have something in your style that we east european only can dream for it ...just like Poppy Delevigne!

p.s.later or tomorrow morning i will update my blog :))
Hope you didn`t hurt yourself

kaitlin dijo...

classic is always fantastic.

love your blog

Erika dijo...

I hope you get well soon, my love! On the bright side, you look absolutely breathtaking in these photographs - I LOVE those shoes!! :)

ARA dijo...

gorgeous shoes and coat.xx

Anaivilo dijo...

I like this outfit. That trench gives you such a mystery feeling, dunno why. Good luck with your blog, I'm a newbie myself ;)

Elegance Personified dijo...

Once again, an incredible, extremely chic & totally stylish outfit. And once again you don't seem sick or that you fell. We all have those clumsy moments sometime so don't feel bad. I hope you didn't hurt yourself. Out of this outfit I love the bag, shoes & trench the most!!

P.S. Where do you live, what country?

I live in USA. =)


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